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Instructional techniques approved by Lantra Awards
A four day training event for those wishing to become
Lantra Awards registered



Welcome and introduction, setting standards for our instruction, a demonstration of a practical session with review, setting SMART objectives for our training, writing a plan for our first short practical session on Day Two, review of the day.



Learning styles and the learning cycle, The power of questions as a training tool, short practical sessions by all candidates, Error correction-turning the error into a positive experience,  review of the day.



Handling all types of audience (including the challenging candidate), Course openings and Ice Breakers, Group facilitation, incorporating visual aids, then short practical sessions with positive feedback from peers and Instructor



Lantra Awards assessment by observation of a short practical session, Lantra Awards administration, action planning and course review.

This highly interactive four day event is designed for anyone who needs to instruct practical skills to small groups or deliver classroom information in an interesting and interactive way.

The event will guide participants through all aspects of planning and organising a training event. They will be able to deliver training sessions with a high level of interaction from their own candidates leaving them motivated and confident on return to the workplace.

The skill of the Trainer is in delivering a session that will appeal to all learning styles and ensures that all learners have a balanced learning experience that is beneficial and enjoyable at the same time.

All course candidates are allowed adequate time to practise the skills during the course and consolidate what they have learned in a safe environment with positive feedback from the Instructor and their peers.

We very much look forward to presenting an outstanding and memorable event for you. 

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