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Benefits of the Instructional Techniques 4 Day Course

DESIGNED FOR; Anyone who wishes to instruct courses which combine practical and classroom skills or be able to deliver Lantra Awards Courses.  A 3 Day version of the course is also available for those who do not need Lantra Awards recognition.

On completion of this 4 day programme, participants will be able to;


•    Plan and structure a practical skills training session

•    Deliver training sessions with improved confidence

•    Manage learner practice time
•    Adopt a style that requires learners to think and participate
•    Develop questioning skills and error correction techniques

•    Appreciate the different styles of learning, and design training sessions that engage all styles

•    Use group facilitation skills to arouse and maintain interest of learners

•    Evaluate their own and Trainee’s performance and give constructive feedback      

•    Use skills to influence a challenging audience

Course Testimonials
Andrew Curwen



      Vince Holley of AtLast! Training West Mids is an extremely capable, professional and effective trainer. His understanding and use of the learning process, means that the veterinary surgeons and nurses attending the courses that he has delivered for our Train the Trainer programme have found them “stimulating, instructive, engaging and enjoyable”. We would highly recommend Vince to those seeking well organised, professional training that produces lasting results.
      I can genuinely recommend Vince as a trainer of extraordinary talent. I have been privileged to sit in on a number of his sessions and can wholeheartedly recommend him. Vince is an engaging trainer who gets first class results from his learners. If you are looking for someone with this field of expertise, then I can only suggest that Vince is your first port of call.
Derek Hartshorne


Independent Consultant - Skills and development

      Vince can motivate anyone and keep them on side throughout a training programme. Having watched Vince turn a group of disaffected youth around on an Aim Higher programme I am convinced! He'll always stick to time- an impressive trainer and an inspiration.
Helen Horler


Museum and Heritage Consultant

      A truly inspirational trainer who can positively influence even the most sceptical course participant. I dare you to take part in one of his training sessions and not be inspired and enthused. He walks the talk and practices what he preaches. His enthusiasm is contagious.....I don't know where he gets his energy but I'm glad to see it rub off on many of the staff that I have put on his courses.
Louise Millsopp


Head of Supply Chain Development, DARD

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